Back when…

Before there was any of this…there was a “back when!” Before a business,  before mentorship, before pastoral counseling, before a ministry, before youtube preaching, before #AdvocatedUp, before the building of a team, even before precious pup, Harmony-Hope, there was me, a job, and a tiny tiny little beagle named Mogely (Moe-Glee).

I worked extremely long days as an investigator,  I would get home most days about 9 pm and unwind then go into prayer or study my calling at about 12 am until 1:30 am. I would get on my knees to pray and intercede for my assignments through Christ. My dog Mogely would always join me. If I wasn’t praying, I was binding and loosing things or opening up my condo door to call out scriptures unto the atmosphere! I endured so much warfare in those four years.  I would have night terrors,  see shadows, have spiders astral project into my room, I would experience sleep paralysis and not be able to move while these spiders tried to crawl on me in spirit realm.

Later, God would reveal all this was an attack of forces sent by a Jezebel witch determined to take me out. She didn’t succeed! God would later say he allowed it to grow my skills and teach me things! On the counter, I experienced angelic visitations, supernatural manifestations and come face to face with Jesus multiple times as he came to speak to me, in that condo about circumstances regarding my life and calling!

Jesus became my wonderful counselor literally then! I would call off work some days because I’d wake up exhausted from praying all night after working 14 hours at my job. Then still working, even in my sleep,  the Lord using me in the spirit realm at night to go into battle demonic forces to help fight the battle for my assignments souls! The devil wanted them badly.  I’d wake up with ribs sore n recall the dream I’d have of fighting and God would tell me that I was sore because I was in battle,  even in my sleep he used me. This was my #training ground, baptism through fire essentially. 

It was rough and I cried a lot…exhausted feeling like I had two careers. Investigator by day…warrior by night.  I cried and told God it wasn’t fair I was exhausted, expected to do two jobs. I # persevered on. The Lord said it was training. I didn’t know if I conquered this,  I would be able to do the next phase which was this whole ministry! It was a test I had to pass! If he could trust me with little, he could trust me with much! It was preparing me for what I do today! I wouldn’t be where I’m at today,  had I given in or given up!

Working two jobs now seems easy compared to this season of running a whole ministry on my own! Never discount the season you’re in!! I never knew kneeling on my knees was birthing my destiny. Well I knew but at the same time,  I really didn’t know if that makes sense. I was birthing the NOW that I’m in…along with the other people’s NOW that they’re in! Never underestimate the season you’re in! There’s #PURPOSE! You may end up helping save lives!

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