And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me. Matt. 18:5


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Affirm Family Ministry is currently actively being managed and developed under the direction of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Natalie J. Guerra.


“EEAC” is the mission of the Affirm Family Ministry. The acronym, in short, stands for the objective mandated by God, Jesus Christ for this ministry and for those that it reaches.


I have the utmost respect for Ms. Guerra. Professionally, she is extremely experienced and knowledgable. Personally, she has first class ethical and moral standards. She is dedicated and puts her heart into her work. She is incredibly friendly and professional, further contributing to an overall excellent experience given the circumstances.

First off, it was a very contentious case involving custody. This should have been a very stressful period, and it was, but it was mitigated significantly by Ms. Guerra’s expertise. Her ability to resolve my current issues and also forecast and plan ahead relieved me quite a bit and removed a significant portion of the burden.

There were numerous occasions where Ms. Guerra would meet with me on the weekend, sometimes late in the afternoon to accommodate my schedule, or take a late night call when something had come up. She is easy to work with and pleasant to talk to, she is someone that I would recommend to anyone in my life whether they, or someone they might know, is in need of her services.

I love what Ms. Guerra is doing for our community. Our community is blessed to have her arming families with the support and knowledge to be prepared for what to expect in court. She is passionate about helping families in our community and will go above and beyond to help you achieve what is best for your family. If you are in a situation and feel overwhelmed, please reach out to her. I guarantee that you won’t regret it.

Anonymous Parent, Dependency Court Case

Hello this is Kimberly Saravia, I was a client of Ms. Natalie Guerra from Affirm Family Advocacy. My experience was great, I felt she understood my case and made me feel comfortable being able to speak with her regarding the situation. I loved that I was able to call or message her whenever I had any questions or concerns and she was always there to help out.

I also absolutely loved the prayer that was done for my daughter at the hospital, because our faith and prayer makes such a positive impact to my family and I. My experience was great, definitely would recommend.

I thank God for Natalie and the services that she provides. I am very grateful for her assistance with my court case. She goes to great lengths to help me. Knowing that I have her full support puts my mind at ease. I am really appreciative when she has prayed for me before court and after our appointments. I have never had any body do that for me, I am blessed!! She is a true woman of God!! Thank you

Hi Natalie, I wanted to thank you for the help you did provide me. I filed or an exparte and seen the judge Friday, he granted me sole physical and legal with monitored visitation with myself when I deemed safe and reasonable. And no further hearing.

I wanted to update you and thank you I ended u filing everything on my own But without your assistance I would of been lost and not known of an exparte or that I can add exhibits. Thank you again and I’m very grateful for the help you did provide

I would just like to share, that Ms. Natalie came to my rescue at a point where I felt lost petitions for my niece. I felt lost. I didn’t know what steps to take. But Ms. Natalie walked with me step by step even to the court room. I highly recommend her. She will fight for you.

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