Infinite Affirmations

Launching in Spring of 2020 is the newest sector of Affirm Family Ministries. The newest sector, titled #InfiniteAffirmations is a “Health and Wellness” Blog for our subscribers, along with the apparel to match! The name was propelled by the Holy Spirit as it was downloaded to CEO in Winter of 2019. The goal of the ministry to “Affirm” the validity of the Trinity, the Supernatural realm and affirm, each and every day, through different methods, that you are loved and cherished by God, the Father! One of the main goals is also to “Affirm” your worth in Christ, DAILY! The Lord, Jesus Christ’s love for all of his children is also “infinite.” His love for us is vast, it cannot be quantified, it is essentially, without question, “Limitless” or “INFINITE!” The goal of the health and wellness blog is to provide data and research on different health issues, provide tangible remedies naturally for ailments and afflictions, in coordination with prayer, to help rid the afflictions and live the healthiest life the Lord Yahweh wants us to live. As the book of 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 proclaims: ” Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from GOD? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore, honor God with your bodies.

The Lord wants to be able to use every one of his vessels effectively, but how can we allow ourselves to be utilized at full capacity, if we are NOT functioning at full capacity? Health and Wellness have been something that have taken CEO, Natalie Guerra by surprise over the last decade. CEO comes from a family where Latin Food is all the rage and taking “care of your body” and exercising was not a part of the regimen. CEO’s father passed on when she was in her very early 30’s and her Paternal grandfather died when she was just two years old; Paternal grandfather was in his mid 50’s. CEO never knew her Paternal Grandfather and now CEO is fully committed to STOPPING THE GENERATIONAL CYCLES which plague many people and families today. Natalie has redesigned her lifestyle over the last decade to be able to DEMOLISH generational cycles of hypertension, smoking, alcoholism, diabetes, high cholesterol, to name a few, on maternal and paternal sides of the families. Natalie has since devoted a life to fitness and has engaged in different types of fitness activities including, Running, Swimming, Ballet Barr, Zumba Latin Dance, Circuit Training, Kayaking and Mountain Hiking. Different seasons call for different workouts and the holy spirit is always faithful to instruct Natalie on what her body needs in that particular season regarding a fitness regimen and yes sometimes that has included seasons of weeks of REST to allow her body to recuperate and regenerate! Maintaining healthy eating habits and cooking with alternative ingredients are something important to Natalie.

The Lord is NOW calling this ministry to share these perspectives with the rest of the world to provide a platform for encouragement, wellness tips and yes, even beauty for MEN AND WOMEN! The platform will also provide community outings and events for subscribers. In the past, Natalie has taken on different running charity events by herself. Now, the Lord seeks to open this up to each of you. Starting in Spring of 2020, the events that were once competed on alone, will now be opened up to others to register as a “team” under Affirm Family Ministries (#InfinateAffirmations). What does that mean? This means that almost every 5k, 8k, 10k and half marathon that Natalie used to register for alone, will now be shared with each of you ahead of time and promoted throughout the website, IG page and YouTube community sector, so the followers of this ministry can register under Affirm Family Ministries and we can compete as a “TEAM” and individually. We will meet before each event and pray together and then fellowship together afterwards!” These will now be “community events” for everyone to engage in as a member of Affirm Family Ministries, receive fellowship with other persons who are passionately pursuing Christ and also, START TO GET ACTIVE!

The blog also has apparel for men and women! In Spring of 2020, both the men’s and women’s apparel for this sector of the ministry will launch. Thus far, the Women’s prototypes have been created, but God has something unique in store for the men’s apparel tagline and wording.

In the era when Jesus roamed the earth, there were NOT GMO’S, vaccines, flu shots and medications for every ailment. There is something very beautiful about bringing it back to basics and using what the Lord has given us in the Earth to aid in our well-being!