-Proverbs 22:6

Ministry Staff

NATALIE J. GUERRA (AKA: PROPHETESS NATALIE): Ordained Minister of the Gospel|CEO|Director of Advocacy|Instagram@Court_consultant|Email:
Team member, Natalie is the Founder of the Business and Ministry, who is under the guidance and direction of the Lord, Yahweh. Natalie holds the mantle of a Prophet and more specifically carries the anointing of Joseph, given foresight and insight into very critical spiritual and life circumstances through Dreams, waking visions.

Through the revelation of the Holy Spirit, she is able to break down and provide the natural and physical meaning. Also, gifted with Deborah anointing, she excels with the propensity to advocate, endlessly in the natural and spirit realm for the injustices taken on victims of violence, abuse and spiritual poverty. She is called to RECONCILE PEOPLE TO CHRIST THROUGH SHARING CORPORATE AND INDIVIDUAL WORDS OF THE LORD. She is force to be reckoned with, her favorite analogy of herself is that “powerful things can come in small packages!”  One of Natalie’s most intriguing places to be is the courtroom where she loves to advocate for dependency court cases and family law cases. On her free time, she enjoys ballet, Latin Dance, boating and attending Live LA Dodger games. She loves the water where she can swim, snorkel and kayak.

RACHEL R. RUIZ (AKA: PROPHETESS RACHEL): Licensed Minister of the Gospel|Affirm Family Ministries Community Liaison|LASD Liaison|WCCS Liaison|LASD Volunteer|Instagram@prophetessofyahweh|Email:

Team member, Rachel holds the mantle of Prophet and the Lord has bestowed on her the Issachar Anointing. Rachel excels in prayer towards the healing of physical ailments. The Lord has utilized her classroom education (Masters of Science: Forensic Science; Bachelor of Science: Criminal Justice) in coordination with her prophetic mantle to bless others through Powerful Prayers in Healing.

Rachel has a heart to serve her community. She is often found serving her local community through city homeless outreaches, as a Volunteer of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and Volunteer with the Whittier Women and Children’s Crisis Center. Rachel is also compelled to provide prayer and support to victims of Domestic Violence. She is the “medic” of the ministry, often being utilized for her skills and education in the medical field to provide remedies on the downloads of the holy spirit for various physical ailments. On her time away of ministry work, she enjoys time with her three children and three grandchildren. Finally, she enjoys culinary arts and crafts.

PATRICIA E. GUERRA (AKA: MS. PATTY): Licensed Minister of the Gospel|Evangelist|Calvary Chapel Chino Hills Liaison|Mothers and Wives Mentorship Leader|Ministry Gerontology Consultant Team member, Patty holds the mantle of an Evangelist and Teacher. Patty has the tenacity to share the Love of Jesus Christ and his ways with everyone she comes into contact with. Wherever she travels, she brings recognition to Jesus by ALWAYS BRINGING HIS NAME AND VALUES INTO THE CONVERSATION.

Patty is widowed yet still considers herself married to the Lord Jesus. She spent 42 years in Marriage and raised three adult children and provided intense support to the rearing of her three grandchildren, always instilling the stories and work of Jesus Christ in them from a young age. With being a veteran in marriage and child rearing, she finds herself well equipped and at home providing mentorship to who are young in their walk in Christ or are having difficulties in their marriage to their husband.

Patty has a gift of delight and joy with the very small children and toddlers and excels in building trusting relationships with them to show them the ways of the Jesus Christ. Patty is skilled in providing care and support for special needs children. Additionally, she is trained and skilled in providing gerontology care to persons who have physical ailments and/or are in hospice. On her free time, Patty enjoys sharing her gift of song with the world by providing vocals to local bands. Patty has been singing and providing vocals to bands since she was a teenager.

HARMONY-HOPE GUERRA (AKA: HARM; HARM-HOPE; BABY BEAGLE LINUS; BOO): Children’s Therapy Service Dog|Affirm Family Advocacy Business Mascot|Jesus’ Little Beast of the Land and Servant Four Legged and Furry Team Member, Harmony-Hope is trained and equipped to provide emotional support to children who are experiencing trauma and fear due to past harmful circumstances. Harmony-Hope is a rescue animal turned mascot for Affirm Family Advocacy.

Harmony-Hope is anointed to provide “Harmony” and “Hope” to those she is around. She emits a frequency that provides peace and stillness to those who are experiencing spiritual attacks. She is very well trained out in the public and is God’s gentle beast. She minds her own business when around other animals and will seek out the children in trouble who demonstrate fear, depression or oppression and gravitates to them to begin comforting them.  Harmony enjoys hiking in the mountains and loves to fall asleep under the anointing emanated through praise music. Harmony-Hope is extremely smart and loves to “investigate” all smells. Harmony’s favorite accessory is a “blankie!”