Apostle Samuel Negron Reyes

Apostle Samuel Negron

Chief Operating Officer of Spiritual Care & Development


The testimony of Apostle Samuel begins before he was even born. With a story reminiscent of
that of Hannah, Apostle Samuel’s mother invested time in the prayer room, pleading to the Lord
of Hosts to gift her womb with a child after appearing barren. Mrs. Reyes made a promise that if
he would bless her with a child, she would turn him over to the Lord and he would serve the
Lord just as the son of Hannah, Samuel did. God inclined his ear to her request and she
became pregnant with what would be her only child. This child was bestowed the name
“Samuel” which means “God has heard.” From a tender age, Apostle Samuel knew he was
different from other children and often experienced supernatural encounters. Shunned by some
of the leaders in the church setting, Samuel’s spirit became dampened as he experienced
rejection by those who did not understand him and called his supernatural encounters
“demonic.” Crippled with a spirit of rejection, Samuel would turn his ways and become involved
in the community where he felt most accepted, the community of gangs and substance users in
the streets of Connecticut. It was with this community he would engage in criminal activity and
substance abuse which would lead him down a path to incarceration. Eventually, the Lord would
have his way in Samuel’s life, when he gave his life over to Christ while incarcerated. Once
released from his sentence, Samuel emerged a new creation, free of the literal and spiritual
chains that bind. His journey of recovery and reintegration into society would be a unique road,
however through this he would rise from the ashes into greater depths of intimacy with the Lord
than ever experienced before. The Holy Spirit would teach and equip him in the deep
revelations of the spirit realm, courts of Heaven, spiritual warfare, healing and deliverance.
Samuel would emerge from the hidden depths a warrior for Christ, a man of God desiring and
barring a strong resemblance to the warrior ways of the Lion of Judah. It was from this place the
Lord used him to launch his ministry, Kingdom Lifestyle and Authority, Sons Manifesting Christ,
where his soul desire is to please God and teach men and women how to walk in their God
given authority as co-heirs of Christ; taking the lead in this hour as the true remnant of Christ,
crushing the enemy with the power vested in them through Christ Jesus. It is through this
ministry, he gained his nickname, “Lil Lion of Judah.” Today, the Lord has expanded his ministry
and territory, and he now serves as Chief Operating Officer of Spiritual Care and Development
of Affirm Family Ministries+Kingdom Lifestyle and Authority.

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