Harmony – Hope

Meet Precious Pup, Harmony-Hope. Harmony-Hope, aka, “Harm” is the ministry mascot. The story of how this sweet furry friend came to be adored and loved by all is also a story of redemption and hope.

Before there was ever a ministry or business, there was a tiny beagle named Mogely-Ginger. This tiny beagle was perfection for CEO, Natalie Guerra in a certain season in her life. Mogely was the best friend to CEO, in that season, two peas in a pod, so to speak.

After only having Mogely for two years, CEO came home on Valentines Day of 2018 and found her doggy didn’t greet her at the door as usual. Instead, Mogely came out of the master suite, looked at her owner and didn’t jump for food (CEO had come home with a roasted chicken salad for dinner and if you own a beagle, you know they will eat themselves to death).

This was extremely strange. Mogely looked dazed, then lied herself on the carpet floor, on her side and began seizing and having no control of even her bowels. This had never occurred. Natalie rushed Mogely to the urgent care veterinary clinic and they ran tests, only to conclude Mogely had a large mass in her abdomen that had been cancerous for quite some time.

Mogely, however showed NO SIGNS OF of an ILLNESS. Even to the day of death, she had ambushed Natalie in the morning for hugs and cuddles and still had her appetite and energy, running up and down the stairs to go the restroom and walk in the morning.


MOGELY had to be put to sleep that night on Valentine’s Day. It is believed GOD took her home on Valentine’s Day because she was the apple of her owner’s eye. She was loved beyond measure. GODS timing however, was impeccable.

God had instructed Natalie through an audible voice that she had to move out of her condominium and downsize her life. CEO had already made plans the week after Mogely passed on to move out of her condominium.

Mogely had already been preparing to live with Grandma Patty because the house where Natalie would move to was not dog friendly, yet the Lord instructed her she must move to that specific house.

Grandma Patty agreed to take Mogely in for this season, but as the Lord would have it, there would end up being no need for Mogely to live with Grandma Patty after all. Natalie cried for weeks over Mogely’s death.

The loss was abrupt and sudden; Mogely was Natalie’s little baby, her best friend. Two nights after Mogely passed on the Lord gifted Natalie with a dream.
Natalie was in a rescue shelter with a man. The two went to pick out a dog. The man and Natalie stumbled across a tri color beagle.

This beagle was not as small as Mogely and was tri color, not a Lemon Beagle like Mogely had been. The man in the dream had his heart leap and said, “we must get that one.”  This beagle was FAT, HAD LONG EARS THAT FLOPPED EVERYWHERE AND HER PAWS were EXTRAORDINARILY FAT!

Natalie said to the man in the dream, “I am not sure!” She looks more basset hound than beagle. He said, “That is the one!” The man nudged Natalie to get that one and they took her home.

Natalie awoke and the Lord provided the interpretation. Natalie would indeed own a beagle again. She would actually rescue a beagle that was indeed chunky, with huge hound eyes, ears and paws and would look more like a basset hound. The Lord advised she would be a “family dog” and Natalie would get her before marriage but she would not pass on quickly like Mogely, but live a very long life and live to see Natalie married and have children.

Natalie was advised this beagle had “purpose.” She was also going to be by Natalie’s side, however this new beagle would be ANOINTED TO WORK WITH
CHILDREN AND BABIES AND BE WELL LOVED. God said he chose a beagle with fat paws and longer than usual ears because Natalie’s future husband also likes beagles but he would have an inclination for ones that just tended to look slightly more basset hound than pure bred beagle.

Six months after Mogely passed on, God gave Natalie hope again and told her to go to the shelter to look at dogs. Natalie was not sure she it was time but obeyed the Lord. Afterall, Natalie’s house did not allow dogs. Natalie obeyed the Lord and went to the shelter to just “look” at a beagle named Tessie she had seen online.

Tessie could not be found. The shelter staff had to look for her. She was hiding in a bookshelf curled up with her back against a wall and a water bucket in front of her so she couldn’t be seen. She was slow to get out of the bookshelf.

This beagle looked grieved and scared and hobbled like an old lady! This beagle was obese and her fur was non existent near the end by her tail. She stunk because she had fungus in her ears that would later take 15 q tips in each ear to clean out. It turns out, Tessie was surrendered to the shelter three days prior by her owner.

God showed Natalie this beagle had been severely abused and NEGLECTED. Natalie was not jumping to take her home. She honestly looked SICK! Tessie however, after a half hour came back to the screen door and wouldn’t leave and kept starring at Natalie as Natalie looked at other, more charming beagles.

There was something about this “Tessie” that was different. Natalie took a shot and took Tessie home and decided to get her tested to see if she was ill. She has a heart murmur but she was in otherwise healthy and great condition. Natalie decided to keep her. After much love, patience and care, this dog was RESTORED.

Tessie’s name was changed to “HARMONY-HOPE,” the name Jesus gave to Natalie for her! After living with a very active human Mommy, Harmony-Hope shed some serious poundage and learned how to hike up to six miles!

Her fur in the back where she was bald was fully restored and her ears need to be cleaned constantly, but are much better. Harmony-Hope started being around children more and more as the business began. Since then she has become trained to love on and provide support to children in difficult circumstances.

Harmony-Hope has a very gentle demeanor and somehow just knows what she is called to do. She doesn’t chase other dogs, minds her business and just does her thing. The only thing she goes nuts over is FOOD!

She can be a rascal at times and still suffers from time to time with separation anxiety from Natalie but she is RESTORED! Harmony has her own business vest as a service dog for the business and is happiest sleeping at the feet of her master.

God is faithful to give what he says he will. Natalie never thought she could love another dog as much as she loved Mogely, but it turns out, Harmony-Hope is loved even more!

Psalm 34:18-“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”